Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Best Root far...

Honestly, I really would like to have a soda siphon...

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but Marion just flat out said no!  He's not trying to be mean or anything but he knows that we don't really need a soda siphon.  (it goes back to that balancing thing I talked about here)

Anyway, since we can't have a soda siphon and we don't like the yeasty taste of homemade carbonation, I tried to do a carbon-less root beer...


It's kinda like lemonade only with root beer concentrate over lemon.

You start by making a simple syrup of 2 quarts water and 1 cup sugar.  Bring that to a boil or until sugar is evenly dissolved.  Remove from heat and mix in 2 tsp of concentrate. You can then serve immediately over a lot of ice (which will dilute it quite a bit) or chill it and then serve over ice for a stronger flavor.

The batch I made didn't even make it through lunch!  It will be a nice refreshment on a hot day to go with our barbecued hot dogs and homemade ice cream!

**On a side note, I did find an interesting website that gave the recipe for homemade root beer with dry ice.  It apparently makes a spooking looking drink that is great for halloween celebrations.  If you're interested in that & can get dry ice...feel free to check out the link.**


  1. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Growing up my friends Dad would make dry ice Rootbeer it was awesome. My Grandma made yeast rootbeer but her recipe required you to make it and let it sit in a bottle on it's side for a couple weeks minimum. In the dark I remember liking that quite a bit as well.

  2. Out of curiosity...was your Grandmother's recipe alcoholic? I was afraid to do the long term ones because I thought the yeast would ferment too much...maybe I need to try it and see?

    Does the alcohol evaporate when setting for that long? hmmm...maybe I'll do more research on that!

  3. PS...I love this part of your comment:

    " In the dark I remember liking that quite a bit as well."

    I can just see you sitting in the dark drinking fermented rootbeer! Hahahaha...

  4. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Cut me a break, I was in remedial English. Puncuation is not my friend. Her recipe likely had trace amounts of alcohol. But was freely served to children and seemed to have no ill effects... well unless you count the bad grammar.

  5. ROFL!

    By no means will I criticize punctuation or grammar when I know I don't do it the best and my spelling is probably worse! LOL! I just thought that particular blurp was too good to pass up! hehehehehe