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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Best Root far...

Honestly, I really would like to have a soda siphon...

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but Marion just flat out said no!  He's not trying to be mean or anything but he knows that we don't really need a soda siphon.  (it goes back to that balancing thing I talked about here)

Anyway, since we can't have a soda siphon and we don't like the yeasty taste of homemade carbonation, I tried to do a carbon-less root beer...


It's kinda like lemonade only with root beer concentrate over lemon.

You start by making a simple syrup of 2 quarts water and 1 cup sugar.  Bring that to a boil or until sugar is evenly dissolved.  Remove from heat and mix in 2 tsp of concentrate. You can then serve immediately over a lot of ice (which will dilute it quite a bit) or chill it and then serve over ice for a stronger flavor.

The batch I made didn't even make it through lunch!  It will be a nice refreshment on a hot day to go with our barbecued hot dogs and homemade ice cream!

**On a side note, I did find an interesting website that gave the recipe for homemade root beer with dry ice.  It apparently makes a spooking looking drink that is great for halloween celebrations.  If you're interested in that & can get dry ice...feel free to check out the link.**