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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Land of Travane History

Travane is a small country in the middle of the Continent.  The basis for Travane's survival is hidden in the mountainous regions contained within its borders - a unique ore that when ground and added to bricks, ceramics, and pottery strengthens them and can also color them based on various additives.  The trade of Kyran to the Continent and special decorative wares produced solely in Travane keeps the land stable and wealthy.

Travane is governed by a tri-union monarchy.  The RioArd Resorvan and two elected Resorvan jointly lead the Counsel of Government (CoG).  The CoG consists of the nine most prominent nobles of the land.  The CoG meets with the three Resorvan in counsel, but the RioArd Resorvan has final and absolute control.  The largest city and capital of Travane is Sarvoné, with the elected Resorvan reigning in Carvené and Darvine - the other two largest cities.  The RioArd Resorvan's title is passed down from generation to generation as a monarchy should be within the royal family.  However, the other two Resorvan in the CoG are elected by the people - though often times it is the wealthiest of men who achieve election.

The current RioArd Resorvan is Perdon of Sarvoné.  He married according to his father's wishes Herseré Arlona of Darvine.  RioArd Resorvan Perdon and RioArd Resorvané Arlona have three children, CherRio Sage (24), CherRené Elona (21), and CherRené Rayna (18).  As according to tradition, when CherRio Sage came of age at 21 he married Herseré Tamia (now 21) of Darvine.  CherRené Elona also married when she came of age at 18 to Herser Kamar (now 24) of Carvené.  Having no other eligible suitors among the CoG, RioArd Resorvan Perdon has been forced to consider suitors outside of Travane for CherRené Rayna who has just come of age.

The Family de Carvené is Resorvan Feldrik and Resorvané Genevé.  They have three children including twin sons Herser Makré (24) and CherRio Kamar and a daughter Herseré Onevé (18) - best friend of CherRené Rayna.  Not wanting to compete with his brother, the new CherRio, Herser Makré left the land to go east to Morat.

The Family de Darvine is Resorvan Vence and Resorvané Demilia.  Herseré Inya (23) and CherRené Tamia are their children.  Herseré Inya married outside of the royal family and CoG and lives elsewhere in the land.

In the royal house, only the RioArd Resorvan's children carry the titles of CherRio and CherRené.  The wife of a Resorvan receives the joining title of Resorvané upon appointment but their children are Herser and Herseré as are all other nobles in the land.  When a noble person marries into the RioArd Resorvan's family, their title is changed to represent their new station in line for the royal throne.

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