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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kittens Fall 2011

I haven't done the best job of taking pictures of this year's litter but we have been taming down 5 kittens for the past week.  The kids are superb at it and we have high hopes for these kittens to remain tame.  Of the last litter, Nancy and Margelo are so tame they follow you around and try to go for walks with us.  

Marion said he thought there were maybe a couple more kittens from a different litter in the barn, but they were still far to little to take away from their we'll see what we do with them. However, here are is a shot of three of the kittens after we put them back in the barn.  We had three white kittens, a brown/orange kitten, and a black kitten with a mask.  (My favorite is the black one...we haven't had a black kitten for a long time if ever.) Since we can't tell the white ones apart, the kids called them snowball, cottonball, and fluffy - they actually can tell which one is fluffy when they are all together though.

Three of the kittens:  Fluffy, Masquerade, and Tiger

This is the kids outside doing chores...just threw that one in cuz I thought it was cute.