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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our Boating Adventure

We attended the Beloit Heart Choices Walk, Run, Bike for Life Event.  As part of the event they had various drawings and door prizes.  One of the prized our family got was a battery operated motor boat. After playing in the bathtub with it for hours, Daddy finally came up with the suggestion of taking it to the pond south of our house.  This is what occurred:

Trying to find a good launching location.

First launching.

And launching again.

Chasing down the boat.

Trying to retrieve it without falling in.

And a longer trip in circles.
After awhile the children broke the tiller and thought the boat was ruined so they brought it back to us.  I wanted to see if it would still work and launched it out into the deep.  The little boat went in circles and more circles, and more circles but wouldn't come back to shore and the kids were panicked we'd never get it back.  We watched as it crossed the entire pond in circles until the battery died out and then the waves carried it over to the far shore.  It was quite the lesson in patient persistence!