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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's a busy time...

Today, Marion took a sample cutting of the corn on the Kennedy place.  The first few cuts around a field of corn are always the most intense as he gets the settings right on the combine and cuts against the rows.  But after that, he follows the rows back and forth and it isn't as intense.  Cutting corn is a totally different experience from wheat - it is much more important to cut with the rows of corn.

When we took the sampling to the elevator, the moisture was 14, so Marion decided to cut the field.  Since Dad is busy drilling wheat, it will be a much slower process as Marion combines until the truck is full and then drives the truck into town to dump it.

As I mentioned above, Dad is busy drilling wheat.  We got a new drill this past year which allows them to cover more ground than previous years.  Here is a picture of our new tractor and our new drill hard at work:

In previous years, Marion would field cultivate just ahead of dad as he drilled.  This year, they did things a bit different and Marion cultivated all the fields and then dad is now drilling them.  There was one field that needed reworked as some volunteer was creeping up, so I got a picture of Marion doing that.

Marion tried to move to the next field of corn to harvest, but the moisture level was at 19 so he'll have to wait a few more days to continue harvesting.  But there are lots of other things around the farm to keep him busy.