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Thursday, September 08, 2011

A New Year for Kids4Truth

Well our first night of Kids4Truth finally came.  The kids have been asking for the past month when it would start.  Abi would go back and forth between being excited to go again and worried because she moved up to the Developers class and it has 'a bigger book'.  (Actually, I wouldn't say it is all that much more as they get more time to do the work.)  Anyway, she was very excited to get her new red bag and her new book.

Nathan moved up a class as well and is now in his last part of the Discoverers class.  He got to keep his old bag but got a new book which moves him from 6 things to 8 things to work on in a 3 week period.  And this year we started Jonny in the first part of the Discoverers class where Nathan was last year.

If you'd like to know more about what Kids4Truth is or see some really neat Dynimations, please visit the link above.  Marion and I feel very blessed to have this opportunity for our children.  The teaching is VERY Bible based and not flowery or watered down.  WE love the fact that it mixes the truth of God's Word with an activity that the kids can enjoy.  It is so important for ALL of us to hide God's Word in our heart - I've even been more challenged as I help the kids mediate on God's Word, building that foundation in them, and learn the Biblical concepts taught.

DISCLAIMER:  There are many really great programs out there, and by no means is this post meant to diminish any of them. The above post is simply the experience, appreciation and opinion of the author.