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Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Praying Mantis Pet...

UPDATE:  Well, Peterson/Failer didn't make it.  This morning he was barely moving at all and just laying on the bottom of the jar, so we set him loose to die in peace.  Oh well, at least the children got a kick out of learning more about praying mantis and catching things to feed him.

UPDATE:  Today, when we woke up, Peterson/Failer had shed his skin and now has wings (which he didn't have previously).  He still hasn't eaten anything but I also noticed that he only has one eye open after shedding his skin so we'll see what happens with him.  If he continues to live, we just might start a tab at for our latest "pet".

I never thought I'd be typing those words but here I am!

This morning, Marion came into the house exclaiming that he had something very exciting to show the kids.  He grabbed a 1/2 gallon jar out of the cupboard and disappeared outside again.  When he reappeared he had this HUGE Praying had to be at least 5 inches long!

The kids were COMPLETELY fascinated with it...but I have to confess that I could only watch it for a few minutes before it was too much for me!  Anyway, not 30 minutes later, Nathan came in the house with a smaller version...this one is about 2 1/2 inches long.

Through the course of the day, the larger one escaped but we still have the smaller one.  The kids have named it Peterson/Failer Schlatter.  'He' now has a nice quart jar to live in with some grass, water, and sticks.  Also throughout the day I caught a wormy thing, a cricket, and a fly to 'feed' it.  I CANNOT believe what I will do for my children's happiness...ROFL!

So...please meet Peterson/Failer:

 We'll have to see how long he stays far he hasn't eaten anything that we've provided.

Did I mention I can't believe I am a part of this????!!!!