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Monday, August 08, 2011

Marion's Preference:

This is what I got accomplished on Saturday!  And Marion is LOVING it!  This is how he'd like to see the ENTIRE house...but I haven't figured out how to get it too look so 'empty'...hehehehe!

Actually, I've been doing this new cleaning cycle where each day has a task and area. I think it is helping alot - not only in getting to each part of the house but also providing me some time to do things I like to do (like baking and sewing).  At least I get to one room in the house a week and if it doesn't get done one week I know I'll get a chance the next.  It has been keeping things in check anyway.

I've been thinking we needed to move in order to rid ourselves of some of the put away clutter.  I know we have talked about this before but I found that as I went through the house the last time I would get to a cupboard, glance through it and say "Oh, there isn't anything in there I need to go through".  HAHA...I'm sure that is why we still have a lot of clutter!  LOL.

I have REALLY been needing to get to some sewing projects but it seems that Saturday's always seem to get filled with something else to do.  I'm hoping now that the porch has been cleaned (which hadn't been completely done since June) I can keep up with that and provide me more time for Sewing on Saturdays.  I'm also almost caught up on bills/banking stuff and I might actually be able to start catching up on blogging on Fridays (which is my computer day).

Well, Grandma Schlatter just brought me some more garden stuff and I need to get the kids lunch.  We had a great morning session in school and the laundry is under way.  I've got a little more kitchen cleaning to do and then I'll be ready to start working up some of this produce.

(It's so peaceful right now as the kids are outside playing and enjoying their time out there. I almost don't want it to end...but it won't be long before they are in here wanting lunch and then we'll have nap time and afternoon school with Abi. Before I know it we'll be headed to bed and another day over, so I guess I better get back at it.)