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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Update on the Cold Brew Coffee Post

Back in June I posted about my Cold Brew Coffee Experiment.  I have thoroughly been enjoying having the cold brew around.  We even took a full thermos of cold brew on the camping trip with us.  We had it cold but could also heat it up for the early chilled mornings.  It worked great and was far less messy than having to deal with coffee grounds and the like during camping.

Anyway, I'm not really big into having coffee grounds in the bottom of my cup when I'm done, so I filter the coffee out pretty good before drinking it.  Usually I just leave the grounds in the pitcher and then filter out what I want when I need it.  But I found that I was going through LOTS of filters.  And I'm not really patient enough to sit there and filter the whole pitcher at one time (ya know...cuz you can only put so much in and then you have to wait for it to drain down and then put more in and wait for it to filter down...takes FOREVER).

So, I've been working on a way to get my cold brewed coffee without all the hassle of filtering...AND I THINK I GOT IT!

This last time, I took and ground up my coffee, then divided it out between 3 coffee filters.  I tied the top shut and placed them into the pitcher full of water.  By morning, I had my cold brewed coffee with no coffee grounds!  YAYA!

(Now, I am thinking there is probably a better way to seep the coffee grounds out but until I find the magical device that will keep all my grounds inside I can at least do this!  I was thinking about one of those tea things that people use to make their own teas but I'm not sure if it is fine enough to not let grounds out.  I'll keep an eye open.  I want to be able to grind my own coffee but let it seep.)

If anyone has one of these amazing devices that you'd like to share with me, please let me know where I can find them.   Thanks!