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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Largest Round Barn there is a huge story behind this round barn thing. 

Marion is often looking for things to do with the kids, and he often likes to do things that are historic, museum, nature kind of things.  So somehow, he came across this site talking about the Starke Round Barn Historical Site near Red Cloud, Nebraska.  And of course he wanted to go.

So one Sunday, we headed to Red Cloud to eat at Subway and afterward, Marion decided we'd go looking for this Historical Round Barn.  He didn't have directions...just a general 'about three miles east of Red Cloud' guide.  So we started driving...and driving...and driving...and guess what...we didn't find it.  It was finally time to head home and we hadn't seen any Big Round Barns.

A few weeks later, he was still determined to find that Historical Round Barn so this time, we looked it up on the map and THEN went looking.  We STILL couldn't find it.  We were driving all over the place and it was just not there!

Amazingly we decided to drive down this small lane to see what was down it...and though the lane led to a house...Marion spotted the Round Barn about a 1/2 mile we anxiously headed down that way and FOUND THE BIG ROUND BARN!

There was no one around and so we didn't feel comfortable getting out and exploring, but we at least got to see the infamous illusive round barn!

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