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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beth Moore's Siesta Scripture Memory Team

I don't know how many of you follow Beth Moore's blog with Living Proof Ministries...I have a link to it in my Places I like to Visit column.

Anyway, a few years ago they did this awesome scripture memory team thing where you were encouraged and challenged to memorize 24 scriptures during the year.  Two a month...on the 1st and the'd log in and post in the comments what your scripture was and memorize/meditate on it.

I have to confess...I tried it back then and I made it a few months and then life happened.  I lost track, got behind, and I don't even know what else happened!  BUT, I love the idea...being accountable to memorize God's word...hiding it in our hearts!  I encourage and teach my children to do that...Abi and Nate both have scriptures they are to memorize for Kids4Truth and other school activities...and I have been truly blessed and amazed at how much Abi has memorized, remembered, and used in daily life...SO...why don't I do that?

So, being convicted of the need and the life changing breath it would bring to my life, I joined in again this year!  I added a gadget to the side column to help share my scriptures with you and to also maybe bring a new level of accountability to this challenge.

If you haven't stopped by Beth's blog, I'd encourage you to.  It is AMAZING the community that has been developed around the blog called Siestaville!  I am blessed every time I look around there and read the comments.  Many of these ladies have bonded and entwined their lives together.  For instance, there is one lady right now going through a very difficult time...she had a stroke and is fighting for her life right now.  I first saw a request to pray for her on the LPM blog, but for the next several days after that, her name kept popping up in areas that I had NO idea were find out...the word was being passed around from her connection with Siestaville!  God is so bring all these women together into a bond of unbelievable love and accountability!

Well...I'd better get going...babies need attention!