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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

My Least Favorite...

…part of being a parent is the bodily fluids that one must CONSTANTLY deal with.  Yes, one may have periods of time when there are no seriously disgusting bodily fluids to deal with but really…when your children are young there is always SOMETHING!

With babies there is the constant changing of diapers…poo ones and pee ones…and then there is the spitting up!  Even if you are blessed with a child who is not an ‘active’ spitter, you inevitable have some spit up at some point!  Then they grow to toddlers and their poos turn absolutely impossibly gross. So you turn to potty training which in reality only makes the issue worse, because NOW you have bodily fluids EVERYWHERE at ANY time!  Eventually though, your precious child learns the ropes of putting their bodily fluids of both kinds into the proper place and you think, “Awww…now we are done!” But unfortunately, that is not the case for then you still have to deal with the sickies…and though the sickies do NOT occur all of the time, when you have little ones, it seems to occur more than one desires! AND, if you are blessed to have more than one child at a time, you increase your chances of going through one or more of these AMAZINGLY wonderful (not) cycles at a time!

And if you are wondering what in the WORLD brought on a post such as this, I will tell you that I have been dealing with vomit, diarrhea, spit up, and potty accidents since 1 a.m. this morning!  Of those, I have been puked on twice, spit up on – which completely covered me and went down my shirt – and in the midst of this stepped in pee soaking my socks, and have now changed my clothes TWICE and am seriously in need of a SHOWER!

God, thank you for the little blessings you have given me called children.  Even in the midst of sickness and messes, I choose to recognize the amazing love you show us through these little souls whom you have entrusted us to keep, protect and raise to your glory!  Please bless them, heal them, comfort them when we can’t, and protect them beyond our capabilities!  And please give me the wisdom I need to care for them and the strength to carry on! (oh…and the time to take a shower…thanks!) Amen.