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Since most of my updating is done via Instagram these days I thought I'd add a section that links to my feed. Click on any of the pictures to get an enlarged version. I hope you enjoy the pics:

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Items Offered from the Blog I am getting more into this blogging thing and discovering what others do. I have added a few new things to the blog right hand column.  (I might have to convert to a three column format if I keep this

The first new thing is right at the top.  For those of you who use RSS Feed Readers, here is a link you can click to easily subscribe to this blog!  If you don't use a Feed Reader, you might consider looking into them.  It is nice to have all your 'internet' interests in one place.  I use Google Reader - a free online service - that allows me to see all the sites I like to watch.  Whenever something is posted new, I see it on my reader so it reminds me to either go to the site or read it right there.  I'm gonna try to get Marion to use one...he spends alot of time going from site to site when he could simply see them all at one spot.

For those that DON'T use an RSS Feed, I have added a widget that will allow you to receive new posts via e-mail!  Simply enter your e-mail address and follow the confirmation process.  Then, when I post something new, it will be delivered directly to your e-mail address.  I am very excited about this new widget because I think it will greatly help those that want to know what is happening but forget to check the blog.  I am assured that you will NOT receive unwanted e-mails, and if I do not post anything, you will not receive any e-mails.  (if this is not the case, please let me know asap and I'll change that!)

I'll keep looking around for ways to make the blog more fun and more easily accessible.  Cheers!