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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Good Day...

Today was a good day....

I was able to go and visit a friend of mine who has moved to a small town in Nebraska just a few hours away.  We had a GREAT time visiting and sharing what God is doing in our lives.  I so value and treasure the friends that God has given me.  Each one of you is priceless.  Each one has a special place.  And God uses each one of you in unique ways.  I am truly a very blessed child of God!

While I was away visiting my friend, the kids enjoyed a day at Grandma's house.  They actually had not been over there for quite some time and so it was a refreshing change for them.  I think Grandma enjoyed it too (or at least I hope she did).  Again, we are so very blessed to have Grandma and Grandpa so close.  What a blessing they are!

It is so refreshing to realize that not all friends are created equal and not all family is either.  In fact, isn't it amazing how we each have strengths and weaknesses that can compliment each other, and strengthen each other, and meet the needs of this life we are called to live.  If I am learning anything, I am learning that God has a plan in who He brings into your life, from friends, to family, to siblings, to children.  Every facet of our lives is within HIS plan.  The question comes as to if we will embrace and accept those facets or if we will complain, reject, and find fault in them.  No facet is perfect...we live in a fallen and sinful world...but God can take every single part and work it to HIS glory in us!

Marion said he had a good day as well, hauling grain to town.  He didn't see any more Emu/Rheas (one of the neighbors apparently raises them and yesterday one had gotten away and ran out in front of him while he was trucking).  I am so very thankful for every day that the Lord gives me with my husband.  Again, I am a blessed woman!

Once everyone was home for the evening, Abi asked if we could picnic in the living room while we watched our new Netflix movie Nancy Drew.  So I made hamburgers, green beans, and apple slices for everyone to enjoy and we picnicked!  (the menu was actually requested by Abi because she wanted a 'healthy' meal.  lol)  While we were watching the movie, Brad - our UPS man - delivered the crib!  So now I know what I am going to do tomorrow!  (E is already sleeping so we won't wake him for tonight.)

Wishing you all a great night...and a new adventure tomorrow!