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Saturday, January 08, 2011 Duvet!

I am soooooooooo excited...I got my Duvet!

This is something I have wanted for YEARS...and my beloved husband agreed to get it for my birthday this year (I birthday isn't for a few more weeks...but I got it early)!  If I haven't told you about my duvet desire (lol) then let me explain:  There have been a few times when I have had the privilege to stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Kearney.  I don't know about other Hamptons...but the one in Kearney I like...especially their duvets!  Well, the last time I was there, I noticed that they offer a Home Collection...where you can purchase a few select items from their hotel for your home!  The Duvet is one of them!

To really put this into perspective, you also have to know that several years 7...I asked my husband if we could have a new bedding set for know...matching bedskirt, bedspread, pillow shams...the whole thing...and he came up with the great idea for me to MAKE MY OWN (figuring that it would be cheaper than buying all the other stuff that I  Anyway, I did make my own quilt...and we love it!  BUT, it is VERY large....VERY heavy...and we only use it in the dead of winter when Marion can't take the cold anymore. All the rest of the time, we usually have an OLD RATTY looking electric blanket that we don't even plug in on our bed!   So really, we have no 'real' bedding - which is why my beloved husband agreed to the duvet!

It is SOOOO soft and comfy and warm...and I just giggled and giggled last night when I crawled into bed and was able to enjoy the oh so soft bliss!  (heheheehe...Marion thinks I'm crazy but hey...simple pleasures right!)

Anyway, right now we don't have a cover for it...I've been looking around for a cover that would match our current room...I MAY have found one at but we'll see.  So right now it is just a duvet and no cover...but it is still WELL WORTH IT!