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Thursday, January 27, 2011

SUCH a great Idea!

My cousin Elizabeth came to visit us today! 

What an AMAZING day we had too!  She is going to school in Kearney and though she’s been there all year…this was the FIRST time we’d gotten together!  (um…why did we wait so long…lol)  Anyway, we had a GREAT day visiting and sharing and ‘awing’ over how GOD is amazing and how we have strange parallels in our lives!  (we are of course very different but God is amazing at drawing people together in times when they can reach out to each other and love on each other!)

ANYWAY…as Abi was doing her MATH lessons, I was telling Elizabeth that she often gets overwhelmed with all the math facts that are set before her and though she knows them right off in the flash cards she freezes.  I asked Elizabeth (who is working at an elementary school and is studying to be a teacher) if she had any great ideas.  She said, “Well, you could put a paper over the page so she only sees one fact at a time.”  So, when it came to that page, I cut out a little square on the paper so she could only see one fact at a time and lo and behold…MATH WENT VERY FAST AND VERY WELL!


Seriously…it was AMAZING…I think we are keeping that as a GREAT tool!  (who knew a piece of paper with a whole could do so much…lol)

And Elizabeth…you are welcome ANYTIME…can’t wait to see you again!