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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Simple Birthday Celebration

Today has been a good and simple in which I am thankful and blessed by!

We had a good morning getting ready for church (which can at times be stressful).  Then after church, we had a wonderful meal at El Puerto's - an authentic Mexican restaurant that I like in Beloit!

(Now...I have to tell you a little story about this...on our way to Beloit the kids were asking what we were doing.  I told them we were going out to eat for Mommy's birthday and that we'd be eating at a Mexican Restaurant.  To which Abi asked, "Do they speak English there?"  I informed her that actually most of the people that worked at the restaurant spoke Spanish as their first language.  She then said, " will I understand them then...I guess if they say hola I'll know they said hello." At which time Nathan started whining...but ignoring him, I explained that they also spoke English so we would be able to understand them.  By this time, Nathan was REALLY getting upset and muttering something about not wanting to leave Kansas.    When I inquired about this, he said, "I don't want to go to Mexico where I can't understand anyone...I want to stay in Kansas!"  We had a good laugh with that and tried to convince him that we weren't leaving Kansas at all!)

After a scrumptious lunch at El Puerto's, we headed home for a nap!  Around 4, we had a little celebration with cake and presents for Jonny!  He requested that we not have ice cream and have punch instead "because it is so cold outside".  So we did that!  He was also VERY excited about the 'Birthday Table'.  Here is a picture of that:

Once Grandma and Grandpa Schlatter arrived, we lit the candles (which by the way we had to have a detailed discussion about WHERE the candles would go...Jonny wanted one on each hay bale...I had to explain that he wasn't that old...he only got 3 then he wanted one on a hay bale, one on TOP of the tractor "so it could drive" and one by the smoke stack.  That was just too much so I finally talked him into have all three on the front with the smoke stack!).  Anyway, we lit the candles and sang Happy Birthday!

You can see he is VERY excited!

He has plenty of wind...but I wouldn't doubt if there was some spit that helped too!

He was so excited that he got all the candles that he literally jumped straight up...
the picture cut off his then I got this one...:0)

Very Happy Birthday Boy...who CAN NOT SIT STILL!

Having Cake and Punch

Grandpa and Daddy!
 After the cake, Abigail played I've got the Joy! with Grandma Schlatter and the B-I-B-L-E on the piano as a treat for Mommy and Jonathan.  Then we opened presents.

A hay bale set with loader, truck, and stacker.

A 'Grandpa's Lil Helper' t-shirt'

And a Shake, Shake Bridge Thomas the Train

Mommy got a t-shirt that says "Home is where you park the tractor" which is perfect for us this year!  And a Taste of Home 2011 cookbook.  And a Willow Tree Angel of Harvest (which I'll get a picture of and post it).  And a gift certificate for a manicure.  And of course my duvet and dinner out! I feel spoiled!

It has the shocks of Wheat and is an angel of THANKFULNESS!

Well, that about sums up our Birthday!  Thank you to everyone who made it special...from cards, to calls, to e-mails...each one of you played a special part in making today priceless!