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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jonathan's 3rd Birthday Cake

This year's request was for a tractor that moves hay bales in a field!  This is what we ended up with:

To my GREAT surprise...Jonny requested an ORANGE tractor!
It is a VERY bright ORANGE J3 tractor!

You can't really see it in the pictures but the tractor is actually OFF THE GROUND...
it is not just sitting like a lump on the glass...I propped it up with cake underneath!

Hay Bale...they aren't the prettiest things..but then again...they are HAY BALES!

Jonny wanted some of his hay bales scattered and some gathered together like Daddy 'stacks them'.

Orange J3 Tractor (J3 = Jonny's 3rd)
I was going to put a brown paper under the glass so it looked like a 'field' but Daddy said he thought a gree one would look we were moving them in the spring!