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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Joy, Love & Peace

I just typed this in an e-mail and was so amazed by it:

Now I want JOY, LOVE, PEACE…fortunately for me…the AUTHOR of JOY, the very ESSENCE OF LOVE, and the SOURCE OF PEACE…is passionately pursuing me!

Think about that...the AUTHOR of JOY!  Who better knows how to bring JOY into our lives.  Who better knows what JOY we need.  Who better knows WHEN we need a moment of JOY!  Who better to bring JOYFULNESS into our lives than the AUTHOR! And that AUTHOR wants ME...wants me to be showered with His JOY!

Only recently have I discovered what JOY the AUTHOR uses it in our lives...or WHAT it really is.  JOY is not a is a choice!  A CHOICE to open your eyes and embrace the BLESSING you are being given! JOY is seeing through the eyes of THE AUTHOR and appreciating His creation!

Now...can you even wrap your mind around the profoundness in the ESSENCE of LOVE!  I read over that and thought "WHOA...did I write!"  But I know in wasn't me...I can't even wrap MY mind around the depth of that statement!! defines 'essence' like this:  


  –noun 1. the basic, real, and invariable nature of a thing or its significant individual feature 

So...the basic, real, and INVARIABLE nature of LOVE is passionately pursuing ME!  The very significant individual feature of LOVE...true and pure...the ONE thing that makes AMAZING is that!  

I am blown away at even the smallest understanding that we can 'tap' into LOVE...that LOVE wants to envelope us...wants us to be filled with His ESSENCE.  Can you even grasp that?  I know I am having a hard time of it!

Then there is the SOURCE of PEACE!  No substitutes...only the authentic, true, and real SOURCE can bring the PEACE beyond understanding...PEACE beyond imagination...PEACE that is inexplicably good!  PEACE that is not earned, that is not 'rightfully' given...PEACE that is abundantly FREE!  

There is NOTHING like the PEACE that comes from the SOURCE.  I can't even begin to explain that PEACE....contentment doesn't even seem adequate...there is NO stress...NO up-tightness...NO pressure!  That does not mean there are no PROBLEMS...but when the problems come...the SOURCE overshadows it and makes it bearable...doable...PEACEful!

So...let's look at that statement again:

Now I want to CHOOSE to EMBRACE the BLESSINGs I am given and APPRECIATE the creation of the AUTHOR, I want the INVARIABLE and ONE thing that makes love LOVE, I want the authentic, true and abundantly FREE overshadowing that makes my life on this fallen earth bearable...fortunately for me…the AUTHOR, the very ESSENCE, and the SOURCE…is passionately pursuing me!