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Monday, October 03, 2011

40 is a great number....rofl....

In today's mail, Marion got a package from my sister.  This is what was inside:

click on the picture and you can enlarge it to read...

Seriously....I set it all out on the table and took a picture of Marion with his 40 things of 40!

Here are some closer pictures of the things she was hilarious!

40 Rocks, 40 Screws, 40 Primer Pages, 40 marbles, 40 sticks of gum, 40 yards of duct tape
40 cotton balls, 40 balloons, 40 crayons, 40 IBF, 40 trash bags, 40 marshmallows, 40 tums

40 oreos, 40 reeses, 40 creamer singles, 40 spools of thread, 40 cotton swabs,
40 bags of tea, 40 paper clips, 40 matches,40 rubber bands, 40 clothespins,
40 filters, 40 clasps

40 watt light bulbs, 40 fabric sheets, 40 envelopes, 40 pencils, 40 peanuts,
40 mints, 40 bottle rockets, 40 candy bars, 40 tootsie roll suckers, 40 tootsie rolls
40 band aides, 40 kleenex, 40 crackers, 40 toothpicks
Okay...I'm missing something in there, but there were 40 things...I counted them as I took them!

Marion laughed and laughed about his box...then made some comment about gaining 40 lbs after eating all the candy and stuff...rofl! (I'm sure the kids can help him out some there...don't you!?)

I doubt I'll have to buy pencils next year for school and I wonder how my sister knew we were short on trash! was a very fun gift and we greatly appreciate the thought and effort that went into it!  Marion also received a book of Huckleberry Finn from my mom...a collector's edition - very nice!