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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

What is going on around the farm?

Disclaimer:  The following post is not intended to be taken as bragging but is written in pure gratitude and thanksgiving.  

We have a new MOWER...Praise God! 

and THANK YOU HONEY!  My Farmer is such a blessing, even when we have to disagree for awhile before he comes to his!  ;0)

So, we got a new lawn mower since our old one was well, OLD!  And breaking down a lot.  I'm so excited for the kids to have a 'tractor' to 'practice' on (that is once Marion takes the blades off the old mower, then the kids can start learning to drive on it).

Without further ado...Meet our new mower:

YES...I is green!  Of all colors...but is new, serviceable, and local.  I won't complain about the color as long as it works and runs well!

Thank you LandMark for fast & friendly service!

I do have to say that other than the fact that it actually runs without breaking down, and can mow very effeciently (yes, I've already tried it out), my favorite feature is this little pedal right here:

In case you don't know what that pedal is the REVERSE pedal!  No more shifting, trying to find the right gear...NOPE...just move your foot from the forward pedal to the reverse pedal!  SO SWEET!

And my next favorite feature is the ALL WHEEL drive...SO very turns VERY sharp and I can mow around a tree without having to circle like three times to get all the 'angles'.

So, even though it does bear this logo...I'm still very excited about being equipped to actually get the job done!  Ya never know...I just might get the lawn mowed in less than 4 hours now!

In other news...and YES...this is a long post...but hey...

I got some great shots of our dog:

Watching me put the mower away and take pictures.

I just liked how this one turned out.

Tired of having me take pictures, she turned about and watched the road.

Then I couldn't help but take some pictures of our chickens in the yard as well:

We love watching the chickens scratch around our is such a homey feeling.
Then, I noticed that my Farmer was over at the bins mixing grain.  We had some wet corn and some dry corn that he was trying to mix together so that he could haul it into town without being docked.  So here he his moving the grain from one truck, into the grain cart, and then into the final truck.  

He has to help mix it by hand too...just the augurs wouldn't mix it here he is working hard:

Then he caught me watching him:

Have I mentioned that I love that man!

So, my Farmer is now busy harvesting corn again, the kids are busy in school and playing outside while they have the chance, and I'm enjoying our new mower and trying to keep everyone going and where they need to be.