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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Day at our House...

As I was making applesauce, I just couldn't refuse taking a few pictures of my family in their 'normal' activity state:

Nathan taping his spelling words...printed from the my wall!
I so need to get that boy a peg board or something because he is forever taping SOMETHING to my walls...all over the house!  You should see his bedroom!

Abi making an impromptu art project with glue and toothpicks.
My definite artist in progress...she will come up with the craziest of projects that actually turn out pretty cool...always looking for something to create!

Jonathan playing with shapes...making flowers and mud holes.
Busy hands...Jonny wants to be busy all the time...legos, shapes, doesn't matter...just don't let me get bored okay!?

And Ethan...omgoodness...Ethan is into EVERYTHING!  I have given up trying to keep my floors uncluttered because two seconds later he has dumped everything again!  However, he is definitely doing some new and LISTEN to this video for his newest thing....truly...he'll drive his truck and "brrrrrrrrrrrrr" for hours!

And yes...if you listen carefully you will hear Nathan say "Mom, Jonny is taping toothpicks to the wall."  Apparently he got bored with the shapes and moved on.

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