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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Lebanon Celebration

The town of Lebanon doesn't actually have a celebration any more, but the women of the Methodist Church do hold a fun filled afternoon with rides, games, food, and entertainment.  We have attended for a couple years now and it is alot of fun.  

This year, we were joined by my Cousin Elizabeth who is attending school at UNK in Nebraska.  

the kids with Elizabeth going for a ride in Ava Lee's old Model T.


making bubbles


ring toss
 This year, the ladies brought in a clown who did a silent skit using the kids in the audience.  It was alot of fun.
waiting for the skit

Nathan set as a bird in Noah's ark

Abigail set as a Giraffe in Noah's ark

Jonny set as a Monkey in Noah's ark

Ethan woke up and enjoyed fishing

E loved to play golf...he knew he was to hit that little ball
with the stick and he did that for a long time.

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