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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Homemade Poptarts...

So I tried another Heavenly Homemaker recipe, poptarts!  Now, once again, I didn't have everything in the recipe but thought I'd try it anyway.  Her recipe calls for yogurt and I didn't have any plain, but several of the comments indicated you could use milk instead.  I also saw a comment about using 1/2 flax seed-1/2 butter so I tried that since I had some flax seed in the fridge that needed to be used.  They were good, but I think next time I'll try the whole butter to compare.  I also learned that I need to put in alot more 'stuff' in the inside. You couldn't taste the Peanut Butter at all!

So here is the dough...

Then I kneaded it and rolled it out real thin...
I don't have alot of 'space' to do this, so I did the best I could.
Then I cut it into squarish rectangles.

Added the Peanut Butter and Jelly on half the pieces.

Matched tops and bottoms the best I could.

Scored the edges with a fork...I did both sides.

Put them on the pan to bake.

And Wahla...PB&J poptarts! 
I made about 16 of these and they were all gone before Marion had a chance to even have ONE!  I do have to say, I don't think they came out as 'flaky' as Laura's because of the flax seed (or the lack of butter), but I know they were healthier than the store processed stuff!  Later this week, I might try making the dough again and making pizza pockets...another thing she does with this recipe!