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Monday, May 02, 2011

A successful hatching...

My husband the farmer absolutely LOVES home grown!  It doesn't matter what it is...if it is home grown, he loves it!  And I have to say that I love that about him! Well, he wanted to try hatching some eggs again this year now that he learned alot from last years experience.  And this year, we got 4 chicks!

Here is my proud farmer about to reveal the results...
And here is one...

And here are all four!
Now, we actually had 5 live births, but one was born a day later then the others and was struggling quite a bit.  Then, unfortunately, when we moved it over with the other chicks, it got in the water and drowned itself.  It was very sad!

We do have a hen setting on some eggs out in the chicken coup and Marion has been saying that he wants to bring those eggs into the house about 3 days before they are to hatch so that they are safe.  I think the plan is to bring them in and let them set in the incubator until they hatch and we know they are expired.  We'll see what happens there.

The kids are absolutely IN LOVE with the chicks and can spend hours out there watching them.