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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our New Screen Door

Several weeks ago, the kids were playing outside while I did some work in the house.  All of a sudden, I heard Abigail screaming bloody murder!  I rush to the front of the house to see what had happened...and what did I find?  The screen door on the west of the house was completely mangled!  So, what happened?

Well, I guess Abigail had wanted to come in the house from the front and being skinny enough, the screen door was able to shut behind her before she got the wood door open.  Then, she found out that the wood door was locked and the she couldn't get the old screen door open...panicking, she went through the screen on the door (which fortunately was open instead of having the glass closed).  Needless to say the damage to the door was more then what could be repaired easily, so Marion agreed to a new screen door (something I'v been wanting for

So, we finally had a day to work on it and here we are:

Here are the instructions...this is where I started...Marion thought I was silly...
but eventually, he agreed we needed them...rofl!

drilling holes to install the hinges

Commercial took this picture because I really liked her hair that day...we put in two pony tails, then braided them and rolled them into buns on the was really cute!

Now back to work:

Screwing in the hinges after the holes were drilled

drilling the holes for the hinge in the doorway

Installing the weather strip at the top...
if it doesn't fit exactly...just hit it a bit!

And here we are again...if it doesn't fit right...just pound it some more!

TADA...the final door installed.
You can see one of my favorite features...the screen opens from the top.

Ethan loves to stand at the door and look out...always before I was concerned about the screen getting broken but now I can have the window open with the breeze and not worry about the screen!  It also has a much better locking mechanism and it twists open instead of pushes...which is easier for the kids.  

I am so VERY thankful for my new screen door!