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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

What's for lunch?

I'm so utterly excited to tell you what I made for lunch today!  It's crazy!

I've mentioned before how I like to visit various blogs that interest me in crafts or cooking, and I must say that my interest at times wanes and waxes with the seasons.  But there are definitely a few blogs that just stick with me and I've grown to love!  Heavenly Homemakers is one that I'm growing to love!  Now, I will admit, there are many posts (offers and specials) that she does that I just don't relate too, but when she gets one that clicks for me... I LOVE IT!

Recently, I've been looking over her Menu Plans, and I've really liked what she has posted.  AND, some of the recipes are blowing me homemade poptarts, homemade bagels, homemade hot dog buns!  Now, I'm into homemade stuff...but I had no idea you could (or better yet how to) make some of these things!  She has so encouraged me to seek out and try new things that I've previously resigned to either NOT have or buy.  AND, I'm seeing eating healthy in a new way.  You can make yummy food healthier so that you can enjoy some of your favorite foods but in a healthier form.  (not that this gives you license to eat pizza, poptarts, and cream cheese stuffed bagels, but hey...why not have some for a treat once a month)

So, today...I made homemade CORNDOGS!  Yep!  And they were sooooooooo much better than any boughten ones...even Marion said he liked them...and he doesn't eat corndogs!  Here is the recipe I used - only I used the mini-sausages to make mini-corndogs ( no messing with sticks and stuff).  My camera battery died on me, so once it gets charged, I'll post some pics of the corndogs!  (yes...I took pictures...aren't you proud of me!?)


Little Smokies - dried off so the batter sticks

Cornbread mixture

Dipped & frying

All done!

Thumbs up all around!