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Sunday, May 08, 2011

My Mother's Day Gift

Marion learned years ago that Mother's Day is NOT the day to take me out to eat!  Therefore, this year we headed home after church where he proceeded to make lunch for us all while I got to kick back & relax.  After lunch, the kids and I took a nap while Marion worked on his reading sermon for that night.  It was a very relaxing and enjoyable Mother's Day for me, and I'm so appreciative to my husband and kids.

For my gift, I requested a new pan this year.  The old family skillet I had was really getting beat up and the interior was peeling - making it a real pain to clean - things would stick and it was hard to determine if it was cooked food that needed 'scrubbed' off or the peeling insides of the pan....YUCK!

Anyway, after looking around awhile, I found this Everyday Pan from Cuisinart.  I'm really liking Cuisinart!  (thanks K for introducing me).  The thing I love about this pan is that it is big enough for my family, but it doesn't have that really long handle to stick out from my stove top!  And it can go in the oven I can make the same dishes as I was before...and all at the fraction of the price.  How can a girl beat that?

Thanks Hubby...I love my new pan!