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Friday, May 06, 2011

Progress is being made...

Well, it is going slow, but progress is being made on the flower beds out front.  

You can see that I haven't gotten to the back border yet.  I thought I'd try to start with the front first and then work my way back around.  But I"m getting mulch down and weed preventer and I've moved a few flowers around so that they weren't so crowded with bare spots in between.  When the daffodils die down a bit, I'll be separating them out as they are VERY thick!  You can see I tried to do a few but I'm afraid I killed those ones.  I guess we'll see if they come up next year or not.

One dilemma that I'm having is that I installed that black border a LONG time ago when I first put in the flower bed...well...when I put in the rock border I actually placed the stones ON TOP of the black border.  Now that I'm trying to set the stones into the ground a bit, I have to put the rock border on one side or the other of that black border and the black border does not go straight!  I may just rip out the black border so I can put the rocks straight...but I haven't fully decided yet.