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Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Fun Day Away

I decided that today would be a great day to take the kids and do something out of the ordinary and fun.

So we went bowling. 

Actually, I was planning on taking the kids putt-putt golfing and maybe go-carting, but once there they just wanted to bowl.  So that is what we did.

The pictures aren't the best because all I had was my cell phone (I forgot my regular camera).  But at least you can see they were having fun:

Here you can see the scores of our two games:

Jonny 73; Abi 90; Nate 98; Mommy 110
(the kids helped me)
By our second game...Jonny was getting the hang of it...Mommy was petering out...and Abi & Nate were experimenting.

Jonny 84; Abi 73; Nate 70; Mommy 102
After bowling, we went shopping for the Farmer's birthday since that is coming up on Tuesday!  He'll be 41 this year and has requested no cake, no party, no celebration...but the kids will be giving him little gifts and we are going out for dinner!

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