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Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Good Morning

So the Farmer decided that today was a good morning to saddle up the horse and let the kids ride.  A few weeks ago while Dacie Shamburg was here they spent the whole morning riding the horse.  Dacie is a big horse person and the kids had such a great time the Farmer decided he needed to do that more often.  We didn't get ahold of Dacie to come help, but he still saddled up Strawberry and let each one have a turn.

Abi is getting very good at mounting, riding, and dismounting on her own. Nathan is even gaining more confidence at riding on his own. And Jonny...well...we still lead the horse when Jonny is on board because...well...its Jonny! (doesn't that explain it all? :0)  Ethan stood at the fence and begged "My turn", so the Farmer mounted up and gave Ethan a ride too.

Here are some pictures of the mornings ride:

Cowboy Nathan!

Jonny climbing out the barn door...notice...NO SHOES!

Giddy up Strawberry...let's go.
(I think Strawberry was confused...usually pulling back means

Watching the fun.


Cowboy Jonny

Is it just me or does he look so OLD in this photo?!

Go Faster Daddy! these next pictures aren't of the horse, but the kids were playing and I couldn't help but get these shots of Nathan doing the hand over hand on the cattle bars...who needs a park with monkey bars???!!!!
on top of the cattle sorting shoot
See Nathan on the side...
half way across
reaching the other side...
He did  this several times.

The Farmer and E!


E didn't smile much, but he didn't want to be done either!

Abi mounting by herself - you go girl!

off she went...talking to her horse!

coming back to the barn...she really handles the horse well.

We truly enjoy having Strawberry around...Thanks Uncle Derek for this amazing gift...and to Grandpa Converse and Grandpa Schlatter for helping with saddles and horse stuff!  We truly are so blessed!

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