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Friday, September 14, 2012

Sarah's Prayer

This is the prayer that Pastor Pat gave right before Sarah's ventilator was taken out. It was so meaningful we added it to her funeral folder and will cherish it for years to come.

Do not take our tears and sorrow
as a sign of unbelief,
for we do believe that all of your children
who have died are resurrected to eternal life in you.
Rather, see our tears as a sign of the deep love
we feel for Sarah Grace,
who is now gone from us.
As we held her in the embrace of our love,
O divine Father, hold her close to your heart forever.
Help us, Lord, for we do not seek to understand
the why of this mystery of death so young
as much as we desire to accept it in a holy way,
and to be healed and once again be made whole.
Support us, our Lord and God,
wrap us in your gentle love
as we attempt to carry this bitter burden.
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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