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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Update: A harsh reality

Here is today's update on Sarah:

This morning when we arrived at the hospital they immediately told us that Sarah had had a great night but was now struggling and a bit unstable. Though there was some good news they were more concerned that her blood pressure had suddenly dropped.  A battery of tests were ordered and done and she was given medicine to help her heart function better until they could determine what was going on.  The doctor recommended that we stay close until she stabilized and they could figure out what was going on.

After a few hours, it was determined that she was not getting enough fluids and the blood she had was all centered at her core where her organs were and this caused her extremities to register a low blood pressure.  They increased her fluids and her blood pressure has come back up.  However, with that comes the caution of her kidney function, she is not producing much more urine at this point even though her fluid levels have increased.  When we last checked in this evening, she was stable.  Her blood pressure is good, her oxygen is actually at a lower level saturation, and her gas results were all in the acceptable ranges.

However, the harsh reality of Sarah's condition became clear while we waiting for her to stabilize.  In talking to Sarah's nurse, we found out that though Sarah's body is responding to the treatments they are giving her, the fact that she is not moving at all (no voluntary movements, no involuntary movements) and that her lungs are not showing any sign of working on their own is not good.  And though the EKG of her brain showed no seizure activity, what was discovered was not overly positive either (we have not talked to the neurologist yet, that will happen after the MRI on Wednesday, so we do not actually know what the official results were).  However, we were told that she actually received the lowest neurological score that she could have gotten yesterday.  Basically, what this means to us is that without a divine miracle regarding her brain and her lungs, Baby Sarah will not survive without machines.

As long as Sarah stays stable, we will meet with her neurologist and pediatrician on Wednesday evening to receive a full evaluation of her condition and any hopes of a future.  However, she is still very critical and she needs a miracle to come home.  Your prayers for this miracle are greatly appreciated.

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