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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our New Ride

We got a new VAN!

Though the Venture has been a good vehicle for us and we are so very grateful for the many, many miles it has carried us, it was time for a new one. We discussed many options and started watching the papers for options...and low and behold...we had a few come up rather quickly.

After looking at the options we had, the Farmer decided on the 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan.  It is white and we are hoping it will hide the dust a bit better than the maroon Venture did. So, without further it is:

Isn't it pretty?!

Looking into the back with the middle seat folded!

The Stow-n-go space - empty...

The seat folded into the Stow-n-go.
And yes...the carpet is black...and yes, it will show everything...
but beggars can't be choosers...and I'm just grateful!

Using the Stow-n-go for storage.

The VERY large back storage area...
the back seats can fold down into this area or you can use it for  storage!

the steering column...
as you can see...the gear shift is on the dash!

The center console area...I really like the storage spots!

The KEY...yep...the key...
it is actually called a FOB...fob!

And because I just can't get over it...
the gear shift is on the DASH!
Some of the other awesome features are: power lift gate - the back hatch opens and closes with a button...and the second row seats have roll down windows.  And the Farmer likes the cargo carrier on the top!

Overall...we are VERY pleased...and so very grateful for a new vehicle!

Thanks honey!

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