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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Latest update on Sarah

Good news:

•Sarah's blood pressure is good and stable

•Her heart rate is strong

•She has responded to the acidity treatment and had her best reading so far

Prayer Needs:

•Sarah is still critical

•Sarah has high blood sugar and still needs more balancing in her body for all her organs to work properly

•There is concern for her kidneys. She needs to pee. Please pray for proper kidney function

•The biggest concern of all is brain damage for lack of oxygen and blood flow. We will not know the full effects of this until next Wednesday. She will be monitored daily by a neurologist. Please pray for a miraculous intervention as this is the most daunting of issues.

•Sarah is not moving spontaneously at this time. This is of course a part of the brain damage concern.

We are extremely grateful for the improvements and positive things we are seeing and hearing. However, the doctors are still very cautious and straight forward that the prognosis is not good. We will not know anything more definite until Wednesday when we meet with the pediatrician and neurologist, but we will keep you posted as developments occur.

Prayers are greatly appreciated. Our God is a God of the impossible and I will hold on to that hope until He tells me otherwise.