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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And....we're done...whew

Well, after quite the painful effort, we - meaning Marion and I - managed to get the cabinet into the house!  (which is why I usually prefer to do my projects on the porch...less of a hassle to get them into the house....and I won't go into the painful part...just know that I'll be left handed for a few days!) it is...tada!

When we were in Hastings a few days ago, we got the black totes.
The plan is to put the children's names on them and they can use them for 'stashing' their papers.
(instead of them accumulating on the school shelf under the window in the kitchen)

A closer picture...but unfortunately slightly blurry due to settings.
I love the the way the black and red go together with the banister between!

Here is the inside of the left side with the shelf extended.
I added a handle to the shelf because it was hard to pull out.

What it looks like with the shelf not extended.
I've got some work to do here still...though it was leveled in the garage
for some reason the shelf doesn't sit level now???
Marion said he'd help me later.

Right side opened up.

With the sewing machine added...
now I just need to get that all cleaned up so it looks as nice as the

(you can see the handle on the shelf in this picture)
I've got baskets for the top shelf to store ribbons, trims, and accessories.
My sewing tub fits on the second shelf with more room for fabrics.
And the bottom two shelves are for my fabrics...and really, I'm overflowing them.
I guess I just need to get busy and to make!

Overall, I am very pleased with how the cabinet turned out.  I may still need to get a small block of wood for when the right door is opened up to relieve the stress on the hinges from such a large door, but that is an easy and quick fix.