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Friday, April 29, 2011

SMS Message - Edited & Explained

Quote from Nathan: No, we aren't going to Salina, we're going to the end of the world!

Yesterday, we went to Salina to do some shopping and visit with Marion's brother.  Since we dropped Abigail off in Smith Center for her first ever sleep over, we headed south to Osborne instead of going our traditional route.  And though I am very thankful we got to stop off at Harvey's Coffee & Kitchen, it made for a much longer trip to Salina!

Marion usually likes to take the longer route to get some place.  I'd rather get there and then take my time coming back, but hey, that is just the wonderful balancing God gave us in each other!  So, on the way down, we stopped in Luray to drive around a bit.  I got this cool picture:

There are lots of the rock posts and signs down in that area!

Going back to Nathan's comment, we had just gotten on the interstate and was headed toward Salina, when Nathan asked where we were going.  Marion patiently explained that we were going to go shopping and then see his cousins.  That was when Nathan made his declaration!

After we had finished our shopping and had dinner with M&K's family, we headed home around 8:15 or so.  As we were loading into the van, Nathan asked, "Mom, can you drive so it doesn't take so long?"  When I said no, Daddy would drive Nathan's response was, "But Mom, he'll take forever!"

As we drove, eventually everyone in the back fell asleep and there were no more adorable comments!  However, Marion and I were entertained on the way with the light show being putting on for us in the northwest as we drove.  It wasn't until the very end that I thought of trying to capture some pictures and by then the storm was clearly passed us and lightning was rare, but I did get ONE shot!

I know it isn't the best of pictures, but considering I only tried like 3 times and we were driving's not that great, but I had fun trying!

Now you know the rest of the story.