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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter - Sunday - Family Hunt

After Easter Dinner with Marion's Parents and Brother's family, we held the traditional cousin's egg hunt!  Uncle M and Marion headed outside to hid the eggs:

Then the kids gathered at the front door of the's like the holding!  We let the little ones come out first and see if they can find any first:

Cousin C was pretty excited to explore, but Cousin E and Jonny had their heads in their baskets...
so Aunt K had to help 'unstuck' them!

Then...the littles were off!

Grandma brought E out to see the fun...but they didn't stay too long as it was a bit chilly still.

Then the older kids were let loose...each kid could find 26 eggs and one large one!  (We really enjoy the city egg hunt, but finding 6 eggs goes by VERY fast...with 26 to find...the kids actually get to enjoy the hunt a bit longer.)

Now THAT is adorable!

I don't know where Cousin E was...but apparently after the initial picture...he was on the opposite side of where I!  But I did get that really cute one of Cousin C!

When the hunt was over, we had the kids gather with their eggs to show off their finds! 

We had a GREAT of the best we've had (in my humble opinion).  From the Sunrise Service to the fun at Grandma's...a great Easter indeed!

And the best part of it all...we didn't have to sacrifice our desire to remember that above all...Easter is about our Risen Savior!  From opening the empty Resurrection egg before we headed to the Sunrise Service, to the He is Risen Rolls at breakfast, to the faded red dots on our palms from Good Friday, to the Church Service mid morning, and finally coming to Grandma's house to enjoy the Resurrection Cookies...the day was filled with reminders that our Savior died for our sins, but is NOW ALIVE and seated at the right hand of our Father in Heaven!  What glorious hope we have...and to be able to do fun things without taking away from the meaningfulness of the day...we are truly blessed!!