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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter - Saturday - The hunt!

Happy Easter Everyone!  The day is here!

Today we went to the Lebanon Easter Egg Hunt held by the 4-Oaks 4-H Club!  We ended up being the first ones there and I was able to talk to my friend Lori while we waited (I hadn't seen her for a while).  Anyway, here are the pictures I got from the event:

what a excited waiting.

Abi was separated off with the 'big' kids

while the other three were put together
(though not standing anywhere near each other)

I found one!

Run Quick...

Here's another one....

When they had their 6 eggs, they could get two Smarties from this girl.

Then it was Abi's turn...running fast!

a very tricky egg...

Reach high!

All done!

After the egg hunt, the kids all play on the equipment there at the park while the parents chat.   It was pretty cold out so we didn't stay that long, but they still had a ton of fun!

"Hi Mom"

This is fun...

my turn...

Ethan after his taste of chocolate from the hunt!