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Monday, April 11, 2011

Blogging Dilemma

Well, today I hit a blogging dilemma!

I ran out of free storage space for my photos!  So I can't upload anymore pics :0(

I see that I have two options:

 - I can delete some of my archived photos (which I did delete years 2005 and 2006 but it didn't help a whole lot so I'd have to go into 2007 and probably 2008)


 - I can purchase 20G of space for $5.00 a year.

Now, as far as deleting the blog posts, I do have everything from 2005-2010 saved in book form so I won't be 'losing' anything permanently but I won't be able to reference those posts anymore either!  And of course, if there were a fire at the house, I'd lose even those, so what to do?

In paying for more storage, well...I don't really need 20Gs right now, but eventually I would if I kept all my posts from here on out!  In the past 6 years that I've been blogging, I've only used 1G.  So, reasonably, I could go another 5 years and only use 1-2 Gs 20 seems like overkill!

My biggest dilemma is the yearly rate of paying $5.00.  I know that might seem very cheap but do I really want to be locked into paying $5.00 a year for the rest of my blogging life?  I guess I could just pay it now and delete the archived years later...but if I'm going to delete them anyway...why not just do it now?  Then again, $5 is a small amount really! is a dilemma...I guess I'll have to wait for Marion to get home and ask him!  But until then, I can't continue uploading the cabinet I posted what I have done and I'll add to it when I can upload more pics!