Monday, April 11, 2011

Blogging Dilemma

Well, today I hit a blogging dilemma!

I ran out of free storage space for my photos!  So I can't upload anymore pics :0(

I see that I have two options:

 - I can delete some of my archived photos (which I did delete years 2005 and 2006 but it didn't help a whole lot so I'd have to go into 2007 and probably 2008)


 - I can purchase 20G of space for $5.00 a year.

Now, as far as deleting the blog posts, I do have everything from 2005-2010 saved in book form so I won't be 'losing' anything permanently but I won't be able to reference those posts anymore either!  And of course, if there were a fire at the house, I'd lose even those, so what to do?

In paying for more storage, well...I don't really need 20Gs right now, but eventually I would if I kept all my posts from here on out!  In the past 6 years that I've been blogging, I've only used 1G.  So, reasonably, I could go another 5 years and only use 1-2 Gs 20 seems like overkill!

My biggest dilemma is the yearly rate of paying $5.00.  I know that might seem very cheap but do I really want to be locked into paying $5.00 a year for the rest of my blogging life?  I guess I could just pay it now and delete the archived years later...but if I'm going to delete them anyway...why not just do it now?  Then again, $5 is a small amount really! is a dilemma...I guess I'll have to wait for Marion to get home and ask him!  But until then, I can't continue uploading the cabinet I posted what I have done and I'll add to it when I can upload more pics!



  1. Have you hit your limit for this blog, or for your profile. If it is just the blog you could start up mmfarmlife2

  2. Thanks for the idea Tracy...but I double checked and it is for my profile...and it doesn't help that my new camera takes larger pictures too! bummer...Marion said to just pay the $5 so I'll get that done soon!