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Thursday, April 28, 2011

E's Walking

Today, out of the blue, Ethan started walking!  I was in the kitchen and turned around to find him standing in the middle of the room and walking towards me.  He took nearly 6 steps then got shaking and sat down, but it was the most that he'd done and then proceeded to do more and more throughout the day.

In my efforts to capture this milestone, we had a very fun video that we took.  It is sideways as I forgot I was videoing instead of picture taking so you'll have to tilt your head, but it will be fun anyways! (and yes, I am scooting backwards as we video so that he'll walk farther...but I bumped into the chair behind me and everyone was's quite the video)

Since this video, he is doing much better, and I'll try to get another one that isn't sideways.  lol

(Disclaimer:  Since I got my new camera, I can't post videos directly so I have to use YouTube.  Please understand I do not have control over what videos they advertise or make suggestions on after you view the clip above.  And I do not endorse any video other then the one I post.)