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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Well, I tried...

but it didn't work!

I ended up going to Quick Care this morning (and taking Nathan with me...the poor boy has been sick for 4 days and last night was the first he didn't throw up since Sunday...he has an ear infection and a bunch of gunk in his he's now on antibiotics).

So, why did I go to Quick Care this morning?  Well, because the tingling in my fingers mixed with the intensity of pain radiating up my arm convinced me I did something more than just 'bruise' my forearm yesterday - and no, I'm not going into details as to how I did that.  (But because I know you are dying of curiosity, let's just say it involved a lack of communication and a large cabinet meeting my arm which met the washing machine in a not so fun manner.)  Fortunately, it is not fractured, but it does have deep tissue damage and possibly bleeding behind the muscle (yes...internal bleeding again...ugh).  Bottom line - my right arm is out of commission for 3-4 weeks without complications.

Let's pray for no complications!

I had to laugh out loud when Tammy told me the ideal would be for me to keep it compressed and ice it for 20 minutes every hour!  I did have it compressed with an ace bandage yesterday and could only tolerate it for about an hour before it started hurting worse.  So, I guess, I compress it for an hour, take the bandage it...then put the bandage back on.  I'm praying for a serious reduction in pain as well because I can only take Tylenol (due to IBFN aiding slightly in blood flow which they are trying to stop) and they didn't give me anything stronger.  Yesterday, the Tylenol did nothing...which is why I was taking IBFN!

I asked Marion what I was going to do for 3 weeks without regular use of my right arm (seeings that even typing puts a strain on it  - and yes, the message has been typed over several sessions combined with long delays and lots of left hand usage).  Anyway, Marion's response was "read books, lay around and sip lattes".  ROFL!  There was some comment about no cooking or baking allowed...and I should have jumped on that and suggested that he'd then be taking me out to eat for 3 weeks...but I didn't!  ;0)  As it is, I made hamburgers for lunch and about half way through making the patties left handed - which was such a pain, seriously - remembered that I had ready-made patties in the freezer!  I guess I'm gonna have to rethink my menu a bit and remember what all I have stashed away for 'such a time as this'.

Well, I'd better go read a book!  I'm just very thankful Nathan has antibiotics now so that he can hopefully go with Grandma to Hutchinson on Friday!