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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter - Saturday - Decorating Eggs & More

After the egg hunt (and a nap) we headed to Grandma's house to decorate eggs with the cousins. 

Aunt K and Cousin B getting started
(cousin C was wandering around watching)

Jonny, Abi, and Nathan watching and waiting for their turn.
Decorating Eggs at Grandma's house has gotten to be a very fun tradition that we do almost every year (we alternate Easter's with my sister's family but we still get to decorate eggs alot of the time).  Anyway, for years now we've had these plastic sleeves that never get used because it just seemed to difficult to boil them in water to shrink them...but this year, we used a hair dryer and each of the kids wanted to do several of was kinda funny.  Anyway, here are the kids with their finished eggs:

Cousin B




Daddy came in when they were about done and helped with E.

Cousin E was out with his Daddy and Grandpa planting he did his at a different time.

After the eggs were decorated and dinner was done, Grandma got out the Easter Cookie story and make the Resurrection Cookies with the kids.  Considering the chaos, I think it went very well.

gathering around to listen to Grandma

beating the pecans

watching the egg whites whipped

Jonny got in trouble by touching the beating bowl and had to sit out..
this was his "i'm not happy" face

adding their pecans to the bowl

putting the cookies on the sheet...this was QUITE the

Then they taped the oven shut and waited until the next day to see what happened.

We are so very thankful that our children can enjoy these activities with Grandma and a few of the cousins.  Even though we all have different ways of celebrating, it always warms my heart when our children can make memories with Grandma and Grandpa that draw them closer to God too!