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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So Sad...

I think my bread starter has gone bad!!!

I was JUST getting into a good rut with making bread twice a week and the kids (and hubby) loved the Country Bread I was making!  Unfortunately, I hurt my arm and was not able to knead or even stir the bread so it sat for  a week.

I still fed it and all, but apparently I needed to also dump some of it out...I'm in the process of trying to salvage it, but it looks as if I'm going to have to start over again...I'm so bummed!

At least I now know how to do this and can start over whenever I need to!  I have to admit...I was hoping to be able to keep my starter cultivated and someday pass it on to Abigail who would hopefully pass it on to her children....but realistically...I know that is dreaming!

So, today we are off to town to run errands.  My arm is getting better, but after working in the flower bed yesterday, I'm taking a slow day today.  I got nearly 1/5th of the flower bed cleaned off and a small section of the border readjusted.  Even though I used my left for most of the pulling, I can tell my arm needs a rest today!  We are making progress though and I have stopped wrapping it everyday as well as only taking pain medicine in the evenings now!  YAY!  All the kids seems to be healthy as well (well..E still has a bit of a runny nose...but not very bad).  I'm glad that the last two weeks are OVER!

I'll post pictures of the flower bed progress when I get a bit more done! Until then...blessings!