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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Trip to the Doctor...

Well, last night Abi started complaining of an ear ache and though she slept through the night (with the aide of children's motrin) she woke with the same complaint and maintained a fever for 100.8.  Soooo....I called the hospital in hopes of being able to leave a message for Dr. Barnes so that I wouldn't have to take her in luck.

So, off we went to the ER...not because we had an emergency mind you, but because that is the only way to see a doctor on the weekend in our rural area.  Dr. Conant took one look at her and said, "She needs an antibiotic."  Her throat is still red and she now has an ear infection.

With the course that this bug seems to be taking, and the place that Jonathan is right now, I wouldn't be surprised if he has an ear infection by Monday or Tuesday.  That is unless the bug does something unpredictably different (which it hasn't so far).

Ethan now has a runny nose and cough, and I have the scratch throat and cough.  Marion says he thinks he might be getting it but as of yet doesn't have any it might be in his head!  lol  Fortunately, neither Ethan or I have the higher fever at this point...and it seems to be 4 days after the higher fever that the ear infection steps we will try very hard to keep Ethan and Mommy rested and well hopes of waylaying this nasty little bug!

In other news...Abi is doing very well with her knitting.  She has learned the casting on and knitting steps very well and maybe if she starts to feel better later today we can try purling.  (Mind you though that we are all supposed to be singing for Palm Sunday rest comes first before knitting.)  While we were at the store this morning picking up some more tylenol/motrin/cough medicine I also let her pick out her own yarn...she picked a bright neon pink...called "Pretty in Pink" which she wants to make a scarf or neck-lacy thing out of.  I told her when she was done with the wash cloth for me and has learned purling and binding off, she could start her own project!  I've got picture of her using the pencil/sticks that we were using...I'll see if I can get those posted for you!