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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weekend Cancelled...and a consolation

Well, Abi came down with a fever last night and Jonny woke up with a deep barking cough, so I spent my morning at Quick Care again.  That's the way it usually goes...we don't go to the doctor for months and then we are there several days in a row!

Anyway, Abi's throat is bright read but her ears are clear and she passed the strep test, so the doctor said treat the symptoms and wait it out...but that also means no going to Hutchinson this weekend either!  And since Abi can't go, and Nathan is better but still coughing alot...Grandma just cancelled the trip this time around.

Abi cried for about an hour (off and on - and a little excessive) but she is doing better now knowing that it was out of everyone's control.

SO - as a consolation, we made no-bake cookies this afternoon and we're going to try knitting!  Over at Make-it-and-love-it Ashley had a mini-series on knitting by a guest blogger.  I thought it looked simple enough to let Abi try it.  (They are also having a knitting pattern book now I can enter the contest now cuz I blogged about it too...hehehehe).  Anyway, Marion had seen a knitting course in the homeschool catalog and thought it would be something fun to try so I think I'll start Abi off with making a washcloth for me and the depending on how she does, we might order the course from the catalog too!

I know that these small things won't replace the disappointment of not getting to see their cousins or the "Little House on the Prairie" play or the old fashioned train ride...but I hope they will at least ease the sadness and take their minds off being sick!

Here are a few pictures of Abigail Knitting: