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Friday, April 01, 2011

No Joking...

Jonny Drove the Pickup!

Yep...the inevitable has finally happened and once again Marion and I are thanking our God above for His hand of protection and safety (something that seems to be happening alot lately!). The boys were outside playing, Marion was cleaning up, and Abi and Mommy were hanging out when Nathan came running into the house shouting "Jonny is making the pickup move!"

I dashed outside to find the pickup coming to rest beside the chicken coop and Jonny jumping out all excited.  (The pickup had been parked up by the house!)  I ran over to him and asked if he was okay then marched him inside to tell Daddy what he'd done!  He then had to sit on the couch until Mommy and Daddy could talk and was sent immediately to his room (with the promise of more punishment coming down the pike)!  Fortunately, he did not turn the vehicle completely on...he just turned it enough to get the gear shifted into neutral and then it coasted backwards until it stopped.  He missed the chicken coup by a couple of feet but if he hadn't been turning the wheel, he'd have run right into the coop!

Thank you Jesus for keeping Jonathan and Nathan safe, and for guiding the pickup to a safe stop!

On a totally different and more joyful note!  I got my camera!  And so far, I love it!  I snapped a sequence of pictures very rapidly and that was without the rapid boost!  I have MUCH to learn about the many settings, but I am so excited.  I'll try to get some pictures and show you when I get a chance.  I've got several projects coming down the pike including Easter outfits and a sewing storage cabinet.  I'm also going to be doing a game cabinet and some shelving in the bathroom.  Not to mention the Sippy Leashes from Makeit-loveit.  My mother requested that I do a step by step post on some of these, and we'll see how well (or if) I can do that!  But for now, Abi has school, Jonny needs more discipline, and the dishes are still waiting...