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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Christmas Decorations

It's that time of year again - time to decorate for Christmas!  I usually like to decorate the weekend of Thanksgiving, but the last few years that just hasn't happened.  But at least it wasn't the day before Christmas!

The Count Down Calendar from Grandma Schlatter

The Jesse Tree to bring more meaning to Christmas!

The nativity

All our Stockings are hung...though not full yet!

Our Kids Nativity
(yes, we are missing Joseph but we found him later)

Starting to decorate the tree.
Nate helped put on the lights!

A VERY tired Ethan putting on his ornament before bed!

Abi putting on her ornament

Jonny's turn.

Nathan actually has two ornaments to hang!

Our Family Ornament History
You can see from our wedding to the four kids.
Each addition a new ornament!

Daddy putting on the traditional star...always Daddy's job!
Note - he put it on backwards, so we had to fix!

The deer (which are too fragile to be outside
and my houses with snow!
My hasn't been out for YEARS!

A few lights all around!

Our Christmas Corner!
We put lights up outside too, but we are having some technical difficulties with those that I hope to get fixed soon.  But at least the inside of the house is not warm and cozy and feeling alot more like Christmas!

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