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Friday, December 09, 2011

You are NOT going to believe this... remember when I posted about our DIY Hexbug Maze?

Well, a lady from the marketing company for Hexbug found our little - in the middle of nowhere - blog and contacted me regarding the creativity we expressed through making our own maze.  Her and her colleagues were so impressed, they wanted to send us some free Hexbug stuff!

After talking with her a bit, we agreed to send her our info and today we received our box:

Box from Hexbug!

Nate opening box...very excitedly!

WOWSERS!  Look at all that...

The SECOND layer!
A Nano Elevation Habitat; FOUR additional Nanos; TWO Inchworms;
and several miscellaneous habitat pieces!
One VERY happy boy!!!
I couldn't even get him to wait to open the boxes...I got a phone call just after opening the box and he was quickly into the scissors and trying to open ALL the boxes...before I got off the phone...we had one LONG runway from computer to kitchen table!  I then convinced him to move to the living room so his sister could join in the fun!

It didn't take long and this is what we had:

Two layers with under bridges.

DIY maze attached into the Hexbug mazes.

HOURS...and I mean HOURS of fun...opening gates...
closing gates...going up...going down...
girl rooms...boy name it they played for HOURS!
Then he remembered the Inchworm...

Had to try it own on the mazes...see all the Nanos watching the Inchworm dance?
After much discussion, it was decided that Nathan would share the plethora of mazes and nanos with his siblings and he joyful did.  The sheer abundance of the generosity of Nicole at Hexbug is purely overwhelming.  Not only did they send us all of this, but they sent Cousin B his own package simply because we mentioned the idea of the DIY Hexbug Maze was originally his and we'd share whatever we got with him!

Nothing can say it better than Nate's response just after opening the box:

NOTE:  This is not a paid advertisement...Hexbug is not paying me anything to say these things...we are simply grateful for the amazing generosity.  Yes, we did get some great product, but everything state here is of my own opinion and unsolicited!

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