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Monday, December 05, 2011

Snow Day...

The kids enjoyed a Snow Day today!  This was Ethan's first time to get all dresses up and play in the snow.  He liked it for a little while but rapidly lost interest and wanted to be back inside.  He hasn't asked to go back out since!

Abi & Nate raced sleds down the bar-pit slopes!

Helping Ethan to the Sled!

Hold we go!

Ethan's turn down the slopes!

Here we go again!
It wasn't long after this that he decided he was done!  His poor little hands were frozen!

And if you are wondering where Jonny is...he was in the building looking for another sled...we might have to invest in another one!

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PS...I'm learning new things with my camera...I'm shooting more manual shots these days...what do you think of my photos!  I think they come out so much more vibrant!